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Modified 23-May-22
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 "Water" Photo Contest: Novice Mai Latanavong, 1st prize, Ka Xiong, 2nd prize and Vongxay Thavixay, 3rd prize.

This contest was open to all young Lao photographers who have studied photography @ My Library.

This contest was sponsored by @ My Library and Statement Arts. Thanks to Liza Politi, Ari Espay and CharlieThiel for judging the contest.

The theme and guidelines for the next contest will be announced soon.

Prizes for 1st: $100, 2nd: $60, and 3rd: $40.
A Fisherman-Mekong River 1_VongxayMekong River_VongxayA Fisherman-Mekong River 2_VongxayIN THE SUN 1_KA XIONGIN THE SUN 2_KA XIONGPlaying on the Mekong_Novice Mai latanavong 1Playing on the Mekong 2_Novice. Mai latanavongPlaying on the Mekong 3_Novice. Mai latanavongBeautiful drops_ PoryeaLiving life_ PoryeaFreshwater_ PoryeaRice field_Miss MittaMorning port_Miss Mittasplash!_koua thorhead over heels_koua thorfishing_koua thorFishing on the Khan river_vanhxay thorplaying 1_vanh xay thorplaying 2_vanh xay thorSky after rain_Anouluck