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Modified 23-May-22
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The “Working and Playing” photo contest is now finished and the winners are announced below. We had entries from 17 young Lao photographers who submitted sets of 4-6 photos telling a story about working and/or playing. Great to see so many entries and such fabulous photography including from some who started in photography only a couple of months ago.

Congratulations to Lee Hue, 1st prize for a set of 6 photos on “Woodcarving,” Xeng Yang, 2nd prize for 6 photos on “Village Life,” Youa Lao, 3rd prize for 6 photos on “A Hmong Khene,” Sinxay “Touy” Thavixay, honorable mention for a set of 6 photos on “Construction” and Mem Maikeo a special prize for best beginner set, 6 photos on “Making Lao Food.” Individual photos noted for excellence include 1 photo, “Playing at Sunset” by Youa Lee, 1 photo, “Playing in the Sand” by Novice Mai Lattanavong, and 1 photo, “Water Play” by Toutou Thor.

This contest is sponsored by @ My Library and Statement Arts. Special thanks to Ari Espay for judging the contest.
Wood carving_Hue Lee1Wood carving_Hue Lee2Wood carving_Hue Lee3Wood carving_Hue Lee4Wood carving_Hue Lee5Wood carving_Hue Lee6Life in the Countryside_XengYang 01Life in the Countryside_XengYang 02Life in the Countryside_XengYang 03Life in the Countryside_XengYang 04Life in the Countryside_XengYang 05Life in the Countryside_XengYang 06A New Hmong Khene1_YouaLaoA New Hmong Khene2_YouaLao..jpgA New Hmong Khene3_YouaLaoA New Hmong Khene4_YouaLaoA New Hmong Khene5_YouaLaoA New Hmong Khene6_YouaLaoconstruction1_touyconstruction2_touy