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My name is Seng Song. I am an orphan. Now I am a student in High School and I live at the Luang Prabang Orphanage School in Luang Prabang. I have lived here for 8 years.

I have 3 hobbies. I like:
- Painting
- Taking photos
- Leading after school activities

In my future I want to be an art teacher.

I have potential, please give me a chance.

[email protected]

Guestbook for Seng Song
Joanna Casey(non-registered)
I saw your work recently in Paris, and I liked it a lot because of how you show your home town from objects randomly left on the ground. I have been doing a similar project in my hometown in England over the last year or so, so it was great to see the work of a like minded person. It's interesting how progress also leads to people discarding rubbish and not caring about their environment. Keep on taking pictures, your work is very good and I wish you luck.
Christophe Haond(non-registered)
I was pleased to meet you in Marseille last Friday.
I hope you'd enjoyed your stay.
i am sure Patrick will make us meet again.
Ruth Bonomo(non-registered)
Your photography is very beautiful. I love the portraits of the kids,woman cooking with the baby and elders especially. You have a very good eye.
thank you for sharing your work.
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