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In the world of Photoshop you can change your life… your hair, your economic circumstances, your country or even your place in the universe. You can create an imagined space or share your hopes and dreams… you can tell a story of both the real and the imagined.

These Photoshop Portraits were created @ My Library by many different users. Each shows the person who created it, their friends or their world transformed by their imagination. They often contain "found" elements... backgrounds or parts of other photos found on the internet or our own computers.

These "Photoshop Fantasies" will be presented as a slide show at the 2011 Delhi Photo Festival, October 15-28 in Delhi, India.

Past Photoshop Portrait Collections have been exhibited at the biennale internationale de l'image de Luang Prabang in Laos in 2009 and the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodial in 2010.
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