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Congratulations to Xeng Her, 1st prize $100 in the Temple Life Stories category, for an 18 photo story about 2 nine year old novices, and Yengseng Lor, 2nd prize $60, for a 5 photo story. These wonderful sets are the unedited work of new photographers @ My Library.

Congratulations to XengYang Vaja, 1st prize $100 in the Temple Life Panorama category, and Kongseevar Douangmany, 2nd prize $60 in the Panorama category.

Selections were judged on technical proficiency, aesthetics, lighting and subject, and in the stories contest, story cohesion.

The Temple Life 1 and 2 Photo Contests were open to young Lao who have studied photography @ My Library.
Some photos will be selected for our second photo book, "Temple Life"
due to be published in 2022.

This contest was sponsored by Deborah Reynolds and @ My Library.
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